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Unleashing Financial Potential: The Family Office Banking Concept and Participating Whole Life Financial Mechanisms for Canadian private corporations.


Welcome to our resource section, where we delve into the powerful financial strategy known as Family Office Banking, complemented by PAR dividend-paying whole life mechanisms.

As experts in the field, we have successfully implemented this strategic approach for numerous Canadian businesses.

What is Family Office banking and Participating Whole Life Financial Mechanisms?

Family Office Banking is a dynamic financial strategy that was once reserved for the privileged few, relying on specialized advisors for implementation. However, we’ve extended this strategy to Canadian corporations, providing them with unparalleled financial opportunities. At the core of Family Office Banking lies participating whole life financial mechanisms, meticulously designed to provide a robust Cash Surrender Value (CSV) and grow through dividends from the insurer’s participating account. This unique combination enables corporations to access funds for investments or major financial endeavours seamlessly.

Benefits for Canadian Corporations:
  1. High Loan to Value Ratio (LTV)Unleashing Financial Leverage: Family Office Banking offers Canadian corporations an exceptionally high Loan to Value Ratio. By utilizing participating whole life financial mechanisms as secure collateral, businesses gain access to competitive rates and unparalleled flexibility, with LTVs often reaching 80%, 90%, or even 100%.

  2. Wealth Growth Leveraging Financial Opportunities: Our Family Office Banking strategy empowers corporations to leverage “stacking investments”. The participating whole life financial mechanism consistently earns dividends from the insurer, compounding the value of the collateral. Concurrently, corporations can invest the borrowed funds, amplifying wealth growth. This unique dual-growth approach allows businesses to maximize returns on each dollar invested and leveraged.
  3. Liquidity and Business Agility Unlocking Financial Potential: For Canadian corporations, liquidity and agility are critical. Family Office Banking ensures quick and easy access to funds for various financial needs, such as business expansion, acquisitions, working capital, and more. The streamlined process allows for timely access to funds, all while preserving the compounding effect of dividends.
  4. Tax Deferral Accelerating Financial Gains: Family Office Banking offers the added advantage of tax-deferred growth within the financial mechanism. By keeping funds invested in the participating whole life financial mechanism and accessing capital through loans, corporations maintain the compounding effect, potentially accessing funds tax-free, depending on the loan structure.
  5. Comprehensive Life Insurance CoverageProtecting Your Corporate Legacy: Beyond financial growth opportunities, Family Office Banking addresses the life insurance needs of Canadian corporations. This strategic approach ensures businesses have the necessary coverage in place to protect their corporate legacy. Furthermore, payouts from these financial mechanisms are tax-free, providing additional assurance for the future.

The Family Office Banking Concept, supported by participating whole life financial mechanisms, introduces a transformative financial strategy tailored for Canadian corporations. By embracing this approach, businesses can achieve financial empowerment, capitalize on high LTVs, harness the power of wealth growth, and safeguard their corporate legacy with comprehensive life insurance coverage. If your corporation is ready to explore these incredible opportunities, we invite you to take the next step and discover how Family Office Banking can revolutionize your financial journey. Contact us today for a personalized consultation, and let’s embark on a path to maximizing your corporation’s financial potential together!