Our team of independent, certified financial planners are pros at helping you map out your goals, then optimizing your finances to reach them. We’ll carefully review your unique circumstances to identify potential problems (and opportunities!) then advise you on the financial options best suited to your priorities. So you can avoid costly mistakes and confidently grow your cash.

Our integrated, approach provides an objective, well-rounded, full financial picture that allows us to communicate with you, your other advisors even other members of your family in a holistic, strategic way that keeps all aspects of your financial planning working smoothly and together. We are fee-only financial-planners, so we do not charge a percentage of assets under management.

Our personal financial planning services are focused on the needs of business owners, professionals, senior executives and high net worth individual investors. These clients share a level of complexity in their financial situations particularly in their tax planning needs and opportunities. They also tend to have strong financial resources and a high level of demand on their time and energy.

To help them manage their complex financial situations and to make the most of their financial resources, respecting their busy schedules, we provide in-depth financial advice and promote the success of the planning by focusing on implementation of recommended strategies. With deep technical expertise and a broad base of knowledge, we provide comprehensive and robust solutions in any planning area.

We are here to help you with any of the following:

    • Canadian private corporations
    • Self-employed professionals
    • Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning
    • Estate Planning & Administration
We are confident that our sophisticated models of personal client service will put you at ease and your finances in exceptionally capable hands. If you are a high net worth individual or an ambitious entrepreneur, contact us today to see how we can assist you with your financial needs.


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