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Utilize your retained earnings tax free with Family Office Banking, IFA, and GFA

Meet Sarah, a shrewd entrepreneur and owner of a successful Canadian private corporation. With substantial retained earnings within her company, she sought a strategic financial solution to leverage these funds while minimizing tax implications. Collaborating with the financial experts at Canadian Allied Services Inc. , she discovered the transformative potential of the Family Office Banking Concept (Infinite Banking Concept) combined with Immediate Finance Arrangement (IFAs) and Guaranteed Fee Agreement (GFAs).

Step 1: The Foundation of Family Office Banking:

1. Selection of Whole Life Insurance Policy: With guidance from the expert team at Canadian Allied Services Inc., Sarah chose a specially designed participating whole life insurance policy as the cornerstone of her strategy. This policy offered tax advantages, wealth accumulation potential, and creditor protection as per the Canada Insurance Act.

2. Using Retained Earnings: Sarah allocated a portion of her corporation’s retained earnings to fund the whole life insurance policy. This strategic move laid the groundwork for amplified financial opportunities.

Step 2: Introduction of IFA Strategy:

1. Harnessing the Power of IFAs: Recognizing the potential to unlock even greater value, Sarah introduced IFAs into her financial blueprint. IFAs would allow her to access the retained earnings embedded within the participating whole life insurance policy.

2. Dynamic Liquidity Access: Through IFAs, Sarah was able to facilitate the extraction of the retained earnings, effectively making these funds available for corporate utilization.

Step 3: Orchestrating the GFA Solution:

1. Guaranteed Fee Arrangement (GFA): With IFAs as the conduit, Sarah orchestrated a GFA. This arrangement directed the accessed retained earnings to shareholders personally.

2. Tax-Free Prosperity: The brilliance of the GFA lay in its tax efficiency. Funds flowed through the GFA to shareholders without tax implications, allowing retained earnings to benefit shareholders directly.

Step 4: Unveiling Benefits and Amplification:

1. Cascading Benefits: The orchestrated synergy of the participating whole life insurance policy, the IFA strategy, and the GFA unveiled a cascade of benefits. The retained earnings, sheltered within the policy, now played a dual role – supporting the corporation’s financial growth and delivering tax-free prosperity to shareholders.

2. Leveraging Multiplied: The participating whole life insurance policy acted as the financial nexus, supporting the dual leverage of funds. The IFA strategy and GFA multiplied the potential of retained earnings, enabling shareholders to harness these funds for various strategic purposes.

Conclusion: Navigating the Financial Symphony:

Sarah’s journey exemplified the harmonious blend of retained earnings, Family Office Banking (Infinite Banking Concept), IFAs, and GFAs. Her retained earnings transitioned from dormant corporate reserves to a symphony of opportunities, generating tax-efficient access, growth, and leverage. This intricate financial strategy, guided by adept professionals, resonated harmoniously with Sarah’s distinctive circumstances. As a conductor navigates a symphony, Sarah orchestrated her financial future, optimizing her corporation’s retained earnings to create a harmonious financial future.


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